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2005-05-15 - 2:08 a.m.

Is there on thing that only I know? It is this:

I have seen it all, and we all have seen it all.

We all have lived forever and will continue to live forever. We all have encountered each other before and will encounter each other again. BUT -

This time we will get it right.

I brew beer now. Does anyone want a few gallons of beer?

I hate work. I miss talkng to everyone. It was so very interesting. I want to paint numbers on sidewalks. Like mexican guys who are old and poor. Like me.

xouxi (the chiuhua) bit me in the nose last week. I pinned her down. I told her that nick is the boss of chihuaha-dom and that if she gives me anymore grief... I'll have to steal her bacon.

I'll steal bacon just for the giggles... one more thing I miss - bicycling through the tropicana. And seeing all the cars parked on the lawns. Going to the 'lucky seven' and buying some zenophobic candy.

I do suck. I'm a pain in the ass. Come by and visit... I'll make time. I'll do my best. :(

Yes.... and again.



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